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Template The template used to render the calendar. This will affect the layout and orientation of the calendar object
Style The style-sheet used to render the calendar. This will affect the colour of the calendar components
Inline If this checkbox is selected only the calendar code will be generated - there will be no body or HTML tag in the document. This is useful for including the resulting code inside an existing page
Days To Display The number of days to display in the resulting calendar. If this is set to 5 then the next 5 days with events will be displayed

Days To Display
Code Output:

Preview Calendar

Welcome to the SFU ULife Calendar Refactorer

This website provides usefull tools for including the SFU ULife Calendar on your website. Using this website, you can customize the way the Event Calendar will appear on your page - including the layout and colouring schemes used.

Why Should I Care

Many belive that SFU is a commuter campus and nothing ever happens up here on the hill. The ULife calendar shows just how vibrant our campus is. By choosing to display the calendar on your website you show support for the school and the great events that happen here.

How It Works

To get an inner look at how the script works, please check out the blog post